ThreeSpace is the result of our project for the software engineering course in Programming Style of 2001 at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a 3D drawing program, or modeller if you will, primarily intended for visualizing and playing with mathematical functions. It allows you to create shapes based on mathematical functions from scratch, or superimpose the functions on existing objects using a layered filtering system. It provides a nice graphical user interface built with SWING components, and renders the scene in real-time using Java3D.

The following documents were written during the course:

1. Requirements Document   [ HTML | DVI | PS | PDF ]
2. Design Document   [ HTML | DVI | PS | PDF ]
3. Implementation Document   [ HTML | DVI | PS | PDF ]
4. Summary and Conclusions   [ HTML | DVI | PS | PDF ]
A. Users Manual   [ HTML | DVI | PS | PDF ]

Adam Chodorowski, John Nilsson